May I bring a chair onto the premises?

In principle, you may bring a chair. However, you will need the free "chair ticket". Simply buy a normal standing room ticket in our ticket store and book the chair ticket in the second step. Please always take the chair with you in the evening and bring it back the next day if necessary. We will dispose of all chairs that are still standing at the track after the end of the event.

I am a DTTO member and do not need a ticket, but would like to bring a chair.

You can book a chair ticket with your DTTO membership number here.

Does the ticket for the Mitas Pavilion already include the entrance to the site?

Yes, you do not need another ticket.

Is the paddock freely accessible?

The paddock is freely accessible during the event. If you want to enter the paddock after the event (e.g. to stay overnight with a team), you need an access authorization for the night. Each team will get one. Please clarify this with the respective team on site.

Are there any benefits for people with disabilities?

Anyone who is dependent on an accompanying person (B in the severely disabled pass) will receive free admission for their accompanying person at the box office.

Is the party included in the ticket price?

No, you pay the entrance to the party directly at the entrance to the party barn.

Is there a box office?

Yes, as long as the event is not sold out. Tip: You can also book your ticket on the weekend of the event via our online ticket store. This way you will always be sure to get in.

My hard ticket has not arrived. What can I do?

Please check first if the cards have actually been paid. After that, please give us a few days to process the payment. If your ticket has still not arrived, please contact Ticketpay: https://www.ticketpay.de/kontakt

My e-ticket has not arrived. What can I do?

Please check first if the tickets have actually been paid for. . Please give us a few days to process the payment. Normally you will receive a link by mail to your personal ticket portal. Here you can download the ticket. If you have not received the link, please contact Ticketpay directly: https://www.ticketpay.de/kontakt

Can tickets be canceled?

No. However, we offer a secondary market a few weeks before the event, where you can legally sell the tickets.


I have a pitch with electricity. Should I bring an extension cord?

The stations are always for 2-3 pitches. Therefore, please bring an extension cord. A cable drum is of course always enough. These are ordinary 230V connections with Schuko sockets.

Can I barbecue on the campsite?

Barbecue fires are only allowed in suitable containers. You may therefore use a standard charcoal grill.open fire is prohibited!

Is it allowed to park the car on the campsite? So is camping and parking together?

No. The campground is not a parking lot, however, one support vehicle per site may be brought onto the site.

How do I get a camping ticket as a DTTO member?

About this link.

In what period is the campsite open?

The campsite opens on the event weekend on Friday at 10:00. Before that, the access to the site is blocked. Please keep to it! Camping in the parking lot is strictly prohibited. Please really arrive only on Friday. Until Monday at 12:00 o'clock you must have left the area again.

What is allowed on the pitch?

The following are allowed on the pitches: Caravans, motor homes, tents and folding caravans. You are allowed to bring a car to your tent on the site! In addition, the restriction of the permissible total weight of visitors' vehicles or caravans including trailers or caravans is 7.5t! Agricultural tractors, tractors, trucks and other heavy equipment over 7.5t are not allowed.

How many people are allowed on a pitch and do they need an extra ticket?

A maximum of 5 people are allowed to stay on each pitch. You only need a campsite ticket for the pitch. However, all persons must be in possession of a ticket for the event.

But our group has more than 10 members and two pitches are not enough for us or our vehicle has more than 7.5t. What can we do?

We have some large group seats for this case. However, these seats cannot be booked in the ticket store. We need the data of each participant and also the contact details of a responsible person. Here you can find the corresponding application.

Can pitches be placed next to each other?

You can book two pitches per order and they will definitely be next to each other. A subsequent combination of pitches is unfortunately not possible.

Can I find out the exact number of my pitch?

Basically, you don't need to know this number at all. When you arrive, our staff will scan your ticket and escort you to your parking space. If you absolutely need to know the number beforehand, you will find it in the ticket portal about a week before the event. You received the link to it with your order. Don't you have the link anymore? Here you will get help: https://www.ticketpay.de/ticketportal

What is the Family Camping?

If you book a children's ticket for the event, you will also get the opportunity to order a pitch in the Family Camp. These areas are located quite normally on our campsites, but only campers with children are accommodated in this area. Here music is allowed during the day at a tolerable volume (room volume). Between 23 o'clock and 8 o'clock music is forbidden. However, we would like to clearly point out again that this is not a separate campsite and minor disturbances from the rest of the campsite or also by our puller party on Saturday are still possible.

Is there a roll sale in the morning?

Yes, on both days of the event you will get fresh rolls between 06:00 and 09:00. The bread trucks are located next to the ticket booths directly at the entrance!

Are we allowed to listen to music on the campsite?

Please leave large sound systems directly at home. Music is only allowed under the following conditions: During the day at a comfortable volume. Between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. there is absolute silence. On Sunday, the absolute night rest already applies from 10 p.m. The security decides whether a volume is still within the framework or not.

Can I bring engines or sports vehicles?

No. Only vehicles with road registration are allowed on the campsite. Already bringing individual engines is prohibited.

Are there showers and toilets at the campsite?

Yes, at both campsites you will find toilets and also have the possibility to take showers.

Is it allowed to use generators on the campsite?

Within the quiet hours (23:00 clock to 07:00 clock) may not be used power generators. In the time in between, power generators may be used as long as they do not disturb other guests with noise and odor. Therefore, only soundproof devices should be used. The security will decide in individual cases!


Can I bring alcohol onto the premises?

No, bringing alcohol is not permitted on the event site. However, this does not include the campsite.

What time does the site open in the morning?

The site opens at 8 a.m. on both days.

Can I take drinks without alcohol and something to eat on the premises?

Drinks without alcohol may be taken onto the premises in original sealed containers. The same applies to food.


Is there an extra area for wheelchair users?

Yes, we have an area for wheelchair users directly at the track. Ask directly our staff at the entrance for the way there.



If your question is still not answered, you have the possibility to write us a message via the following contact form. However, please understand that the answer may take a week.

You have questions about the team or the event?

You have questions about the team or the event?